About us

    For over 60 years, we have been keeping our customers’, assets and information safe all around the world.

    We are an organisation of immense capability. From counter eavesdropping and sophisticated cloud solutions, to secure logistics and even building entire embassies, our work protects information, national interests and people worldwide. Our customers include the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other organisations and governments. They face ever-changing security challenges. We respond with speed, agility and technological innovation.

    Our complex work is always important, and it takes place on a global scale – often in very demanding environments. Our unique diversity allows us to provide outstanding solutions for our customers – and outstanding careers for our people.

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    Our Locations

    From our main offices in Milton Keynes and Central London, we deliver secure services across the UK and on a truly worldwide scale. Click on the locations below to get a feel for where your work could help us make an impact.

    Milton Keynes, UK

    Our Hanslope Park site on the outskirts of Milton Keynes covers 60 acres. With 800 staff in everything from finance and technology to logistics and engineering, we’re a major local employer. And we continue to build on our proud history to meet the security challenges of the 21st century.

    London, UK

    We have a presence in the Foreign Office in Westminster. This allows us to respond to their needs quickly and with a greater understanding of their challenges, as well as those faced by the other government departments we work with.


    Here are a few of the biggest projects we’ve delivered
    in this region:

    Cote d’Ivoire
    Our Rapid Deployment Team sprung into action to set up the communications systems needed to evacuate British nationals during the region’s civil war.

    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Following the parliamentary elections, it was recognised that security at the British Embassy Compound in Kinshasa needed updating. We focused on perimeter security, and delivered the project in its entirety.

    When the British Embassy was looted and torched, we moved
    its staff into a new permanent base. We managed the whole process, including project management of all the security aspects.


    Here are a few of the biggest projects we’ve delivered
    in this region:

    El Salvador
    Our project, engineering and cost management services helped establish new embassies in the country’s capital and across the region.

    Our programme teams have installed secure technology services systems around the world, for customers including the Canadian government.

    We brought the FCO’s Washington offices right into the 21st century. Our teams designed and created a modern, open and, above all, secure environment.


    Here are a few of the biggest projects we’ve delivered
    in this region:

    When an earthquake struck Chengdu in China, we assisted the local community to ensure they could safely access their homes and offices.

    When Cyclone Nargis swept through Burma, leaving destruction in its wake, we restored communications at the British Embassy, and then helped support the wider relief effort.

    Our teams designed and installed a modern new biometric system that has been rolled out across India’s 12 Visa Application Centres.


    Here are a few of the biggest projects we’ve delivered
    in this region:

    Following the invasion by Russia into the region, we acted swiftly to secure the British Embassy in Tbilisi.

    Czech Republic
    We updated and reconfigured the British Embassy in Prague to improve safety and the working environment – no mean feat when you consider the building was 400 years old.

    We redesigned and converted two FCO buildings in Paris – delivering considerable savings, and creating more space for the people who worked there.

    Middle East

    Here are a few of the biggest projects we’ve delivered
    in this region:

    Drawing upon our unique expertise in secure construction and protective security, we delivered a large-scale estates project in Kabul for a friendly government.

    Our UK and overseas teams worked together to further improve security at the British Embassy in Baghdad. Working in a hostile environment, we delivered on time and to budget.


    Here are a few of the biggest projects we’ve delivered in this region:

    G20 Summit
    As the G20 gathered in London, forty of our top level interpreters gathered to work from and into fourteen different languages.

    London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games
    We provided all kinds of essential support to the 2012 games. We carried out over 9,000 vetting clearances; we provided technology services helpdesk support; and our logistics team ensured that urgent mail continued to get delivered throughout the games.

    Prime Ministerial tour
    When the Prime Minister and his cabinet set out on a series of public events across the country, our Counter-Eavesdropping team went with them – providing solid technical security in venues nationwide.

    Our impact

    With our expertise and global reach, we deliver across five continents to keep our customers’ environments safe and their information secure.

    How our people improved embassy security in a hostile environment

    The British Embassy in Baghdad plays a critical role. It’s the focal point for Britain’s presence in Iraq, and it plays host to staff and visitors from all kinds of agencies. Its security was impressive. We were asked to make it even safer.

    Our experience of working in demanding settings proved invaluable here. Our teams constructed new accommodation blocks, set up independent power and water supplies, and implemented physical security enhancements throughout the site. This saw our UK and overseas teams working together to project manage a host of construction challenges. And, working in a hostile environment, we delivered on time and to budget.

    How our team innovated online to fast-track security clearance

    One of our customers set us a real challenge. They provided services to government departments, so their employees had to be vetted with a security check. But, due to existing manual checking systems, this clearance process was taking a month. They were losing staff and carrying gaps for too long. To speed things up, a new idea was needed. Our team responded with a whole new system.

    We included our customer in the pilot of a highly secure, web-based Security Check clearance solution – one that reduced admin and freed up time for decision making. It has made a huge impact. Their security checks remain as thorough as they ever were. But they’re now completed in less than a week.

    How our translators did the talking for the world’s leaders

    In April 2009, world leaders from the G20 countries gathered in London for a meeting of huge significance. They met against the backdrop of the worst economic crisis for generations. And, with the world listening in, our team did a lot of the speaking.

    We provided all the interpreting services for the summit – supplying and coordinating a team of over 40 top-level interpreters working from and into 14 different languages.

    Months of planning ensured that we delivered up to and throughout the summit – reinforcing our reputation as a leading provider of interpreting services. Countries around the world were impressed by our team. We were too.

    How our logistics team delivered a personal best in Beijing

    The Beijing Olympics provided a world stage for people to perform to their best. Our logistics team seized this opportunity with both hands.

    Their challenge was to continue the safe and uninterrupted delivery of crucial diplomatic mail in the middle of the largest sporting event on the planet. The world’s media, and hundreds of thousands of people, had descended on an already busy city. And we still had to deliver.

    So we drew up a full schedule well in advance, and worked with colleagues overseas to create detailed plans. We booked early, planned ahead and coordinated our teams. The result was a performance worthy of gold.

    How our engineers helped a community rebuild after an earthquake

    In May 2008, a huge earthquake struck Chengdu in China. The devastation was widespread, and our teams responded straightaway. Their initial focus was on restoring essential services to the British Embassy. But their work reached much further.

    Having addressed the issues at the Embassy and our Visa Application Centre, they turned their attention to the surrounding area. Our experts conducted safety assessments on homes and offices throughout Chongqing – letting local residents know when their homes and offices were safe again. They also worked with UK-based businesses and representatives from other governments who lacked technical support of their own. An impressive response to a major crisis.

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