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What makes our apprenticeships so great? Working towards well-respected professional qualifications, while earning a competitive salary and Civil Service pension. Gaining hands-on experience – with the potential of a full-time role that leads to even more career pathways once an apprenticeship is completed. Learning from in-house training that’s focused on the skills you need – not just now, but into the future. All that, in a role where you’ll be doing work that protects the UK’s interests around the world. It all adds up to more. Share this with someone who’s looking for a career where it all matters.

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Who are FCDO Services?

In every corner of the globe, we help keep the UK’s people and assets safe. We build state-of-the-art embassies in a huge range of cities and terrains. We design ultra-secure CCTV systems. We set up servers that store vital government data. We deliver important and sensitive packages across continents. We’re a well-established, highly-respected and trusted government organisation providing a huge range of services to UK and overseas government bodies, including construction, digital solutions, logistics, counter-eavesdropping, translation, and more. That variety is reflected in our apprenticeship programmes: each offers a rewarding long-term career path, as well as skills and experience that will look great on any CV. To find out more, explore our About us page or visit our corporate site here.

What programmes are on offer?

Would an apprenticeship suit someone you know? Take a look at the programmes we offer on our main apprenticeship page to find out.


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What sets an apprenticeship apart?

If you know someone who’s thinking about their next steps after school, here’s how our apprenticeships could help get them ahead.

While our apprentices work, they study for academic and professional qualifications that help them stand out in the market.

On top of a competitive salary, we pay our apprentices’ tuition fees and membership fees for enrolment into professional bodies such as the IET. So, no debt (university-related or otherwise).

Surrounded by apprentices and colleagues from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures, they’ll quickly make friends and feel welcome for who they are.

Most of our apprentices gain full-time positions at the end of the course, so there’s no post-school or university job search here.

Some of our apprentices will travel overseas with us, finding a broader global outlook, with our full support.

Our apprentices get stuck into work for government-level customers – so they’ll have something to be proud of, straightaway.

As an employee in the Civil Service they’ll benefit from a good pension, along with a wide package of benefits and holiday entitlement.

Gaining excellent experience and qualifications, there’s no limit to what they could do next – with the chance to climb through our organisation and have global impact.

What difference can an apprenticeship make?

Each apprenticeship offers many experiences and opportunities to grow and develop. Hear from some of our apprentices what a difference it’s made to their career prospects.

“I was weighing up my options after my GCSE’s and I felt this path had the most to offer financially and in terms of career progression. An apprenticeship combines training, learning from more experienced colleagues and getting practical experience. It was definitely the right call.”

Business Administration Apprentice

“There are so many opportunities at FCDO Services. My manager puts me in new situations all the time to help grow my confidence. We have regular catch ups and they’re frequently finding me opportunities that are designed to push me to help me achieve my goals. I know that FCDO Services want me to do well. Everyone is so supportive of the decisions I make. Two years ago, I joined with very little confidence but I have grown so much because of the encouragement from everyone I’ve worked with.”

Technical Engineering Apprentice

“An apprenticeship with FCDO Services will normally lead to a full-time job if you complete your programme successfully. And once you complete your apprenticeship, the learning doesn’t stop. There are many future career pathways that become available to you across the organisation – and there are even opportunities to switch discipline. Knowing that career progression is possible here and encouraged is reassuring.”

Logistics Apprentice

The work we do makes a difference. Knowing that, and actually being able to see the real-world benefits of something you’ve been involved in is really rewarding. I am getting a great qualification at the end of the apprenticeship as well as highly valuable work experience with a respected organisation. A lot of people I speak to across the business are actually ex-apprentices. So I can see the potential career paths that might open up for me in the future.”

Data Analyst Apprentice

“It’s not just about the level of qualifications I’ll get, but the experience and opportunities that I’ll take away from my apprenticeship. It’s going to help me pursue the career I want. It’s been an eye-opening experience and I’ve done things I never would have imagined.”

Logistics Apprentice

Who can apply?

The minimum age to join any of our programmes is either 16 or 18 years old. You must also have:

Every applicant must be a British Citizen, free to remain and work in the UK. Plus, for the apprenticeships, there are two further residency criteria candidates must meet. Firstly, to satisfy government scheme access rules they must have lived in the UK for the last three years before the first day of the apprenticeship (aiming to start September 2023), and for at least five of the last ten years. Plus, they must meet the requirements for the security vetting level associated with their choice of programme. Find out more about vetting on the apprenticeships’ how to apply page.

Every scheme has its own requirements, which are detailed on our Apprenticeships page. However, most of our apprenticeships require a minimum of two GCSEs or equivalent at grades 9-4 (A*-C), including Maths and English. Unfortunately, we can’t accept an application from someone who already has a qualification at the same level in the same subject as the one we’re offering on their chosen apprenticeship. If the qualification is in a different subject, then they can apply.

Our apprenticeships are all about learning. So, applicants don’t need previous work experience in their chosen field. What we really want to see is genuine passion and a keen interest to learn about this area inside our organisation.

What can i do next as a parent or teacher?

  1. Show them the website: Share our website and the main apprenticeships page and let them know the opportunities on offer here.
  2. Look at our opportunities together: On the main apprenticeships page, you’ll find a list of the programmes on offer and what each one involves. Have a chat and work out which one could suit them best.
  3. Support their application: A fresh pair of eyes is always helpful: when they’ve finished their application, take a look for them and check for any mistakes. We want them to be themselves and be honest though, so don’t write it for them.

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Download and share our brochure

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