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The way the organisation operates just blew me away – I never thought I’d get that support as an apprentice. They’re really interested in our development and they have endless opportunities that way. In the future, if I think ‘I’m interested in this particular team’, then there’s the option to move around. There are so many examples of people who’ve done that – gone on to different areas to explore new skills with support from the business

"I can be almost on my doorstep, but with a job that has worldwide experiences built in."

And the business really does care about us. One of my most memorable moments is going to a meeting with our CEO, as an apprentice. It was out of office, and it gave me an understanding of how the organisation operates, how they come up with plans for the year ahead. That kind of exposure helps you understand so much more about the work we do here.

That work has opened my eyes too. It’s confirmed that engineering is what I want to do, but it’s also shown me that engineering doesn’t have to be automotive – because my only experience before had been with engineering for cars. Now, I’m working on these security-based projects that benefit people and do good. The fact that what we’re doing protects people – that’s what I love about it.

"One of my most memorable moments is going to a meeting with our CEO, as an apprentice."

Plus, the team really look out for us too. We have trained Mental Health First Aiders who look out for us all and spot when people need support. There are people you can talk to, our Yellow Belts, who’ll help improve environments and processes for us, so that everyone has the workspace they need."

Technical Engineering Apprentice