Our stories

    Everyone at FCO Services has a big story to tell about their careers here. Some have stories about the complex projects they’ve delivered. For others, it’s places they’ve been with us, or the progress they’ve made and skills they’ve gained since joining. Together, these stories show why jobs here are more interesting, more rewarding and just that bit bigger.

    Obviously, the security of our people is paramount. So while the stories here are true, we have not included real names or pictures of the people involved.

    Building a career to be proud of

    Senior Project Manager

    The world in two weeks

    Technical Team Leader

    Finding the perfect fit

    Graduate Electrical Engineer

    Get up and go


    An insurance policy for the planet


    Making embassies safe as houses

    Programme Director

    Getting a global pilot off the ground

    IT Solutions and Development

    From endangered species to natural disasters

    IT HelpDesk Team Leader

    Behind the scenes at the forefront

    IT Solutions

    A whole new world

    HR Delivery & Resourcing Manager

    Communicating after a cyclone

    Overseas Officer

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