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There are all kinds of reasons why we’re a go-to employer for people transitioning out of the military. For some, it’s the benefits, training and support on offer, to help you balance your lifestyle and own your development. For others, it’s a similar sense of purpose and scale, where your work will help protect people, information and government buildings around the world; where you might even travel regularly, depending on your role. And of course, there’s our welcoming and inclusive culture where, alongside plenty of other ex-military colleagues, you’ll find an organisation that celebrates you for who you are and who you want to be.

But maybe you’d like to hear it straight from someone who’s gone through the same experience. We spoke to one of our ex-military colleagues who’s now a Project Manager here at FCDO Services:

Why did FCDO Services appeal to you?

“A military career offers variety, both in the job you do and the locations you work in. Coming to FCDO Services seemed like a natural fit, working across a wide global estate. Plus, you can explore a variety of job roles across various business areas.”

How does your work fit with your military skills?

“There’s a lot of crossover, particularly for roles with travel. You’re often on live operations in locations where you need to understand local cultures and manage local stakeholders in the right way.
On top of that, the military is very operational, very delivery focused. And here, there’s the same focus on delivering tasks on time and to a high standard.

As ex-military, you’re also used to the MOD/Government working environment. You look beyond the task and consider the wider picture. And we’re used to working at pace, managing stress, and we tend to be confident and good communicators.”

Is there anything else that eases the transition?

“Normally, ex-military staff already have a level of security clearance so that can avoid delays in your application. More importantly, FCDO Services has a solid structure and variety of business areas, which helps you transition from the rank structure and business areas of a regiment. That, plus the global work, offers continuity.

Leaving military life, becoming a civilian and taking up your first job can be daunting – but this organisation makes the whole process smoother.”

Ready to picture yourself starting a future with us? Take a look at Life at FCDO Services to start getting a feel for life here; discover another ex-military colleague’s experience with the Corporate Governance team here; or explore our Diversity and Inclusion page for more on how we support colleagues from all kinds of backgrounds, just like yours.

If you’re interested in hearing more about future career opportunities with us, you can also sign up for job alerts or add your CV to our talent pool and we’ll be in touch when something comes up.